Weddings are my favourite. Getting to be a part of such a special day is an honour enough, but having a couple trust me completely to create something special just for them is beyond amazing. The options are limitless with wedding macarons, each wedding is tailored to suit your special day. Each couple can pick the colours and the flavours, then Flavour + Heart will create something just for you.



Our macaron towers can hold any where from 50 macarons up to 250 macarons. The size and quantity is completely your choice, Flavour + Heart will customise a tower to suit your day.

We have two different tower options - a round tower and a square tower. Both can be customised in size and can have floral features added (please note this is an additional cost)

Flavour + Heart can customise the colours of your macarons to suit your colours and theme of your wedding and as always flavour choice is up to you.

wedding favours

Flavour + Heart has numerous options for wedding favours, again we tailor to suit your budget, time and wedding. Just let us know what you’d like.

We can make regular sized macaron or mini macarons, we can package for you or can leave it to you to DIY. Additional extras can be arranged for you, such as ribbon and name tags.

Best part of all, our macarons last 2 weeks when stored in an air-tight container, so they can be made in advance! Less stress for your big day


Photos by Katherine D Photography

Photos by Katherine D Photography

Sneaky treat Macarons

If i’m honest, this ones my favourite. People put so much energy into organising their perfect day and sometimes they can forget to enjoy the day.

This is where the sneaky treat comes in. Get ready and want something sweet? have some macarons. Sick of taking photos and want a little break? stop and have some macarons. Finished the night and realised you didn’t get any cake? Good thing you ordered some macarons.

Sneaky treat macarons for the win.